July 15, 2004

We were able to talk to Nicole at length this morning. She sounds very well, and she is in good health. She is now in South Africa waiting for God to lead her to her next mission. There are 7 orphanages which are possible candidates to work with over the next year. Five of these are in South Africa and two are in Namibia. She has asked that we pray:
1.) For clarity with Alan Mezger in planning and selecting an orphanage, and
2.) When, how and with whom, to travel to Namibia.

We appreciate your prayers and support for our dear daughter. May God richly bless you and graciously keep you.


July 16, 2005

We arrived safely in Johannesburg, South Africa yesterday morning. Now that I am here we are trusting that the Lord will make abundantly clear where I am to be. There are some different options for orphanages in both South Africa and Namibia, but as it is the weekend we must wait until Monday to make any contacts. Please keep Alan and I in your prayers as we travel a great deal in the next week, but primarily for wisdom in my decision. I talked to my family last night, and it was wonderful – family is a wonderfully blessed thing.


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  1. Hi Nicole,Glad to hear that you made it safely to South Africa. I am eager to see where Our Lord sends you. we all will continue to pray for you and Mr. Mezger (sp?) Your pictures on your blog are very nice. Dan

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