More Wedding Pics!

Groomsmen (photo taken by Photographer David Linder:

Phil & I


Bride & Groom:

Apparently I was amused…


Phil’s Married!!

And it was gorgeous. The Groom, the Bride, the whole thing was absolutely lovely. Only a few pics for now (as I was in the ceremony, I couldn’t get any of the actual proceedings):

A very pleased mother and son:

Dad & I dancing (I probably stepped on his toes at this very moment):

Though looking rather despondent, Timmy actually woke up sick as a dog and suffered through looking dashing all day:

This is my only-slightly-older sister:

Stephan & I:

Bella Mama:

All Together

For the first time in years, my whole immediate family was together for Christmas. And seeing that Phillip is getting married January 5th, this may be the last of “just us”.

We revisited our childhood with a multiple-hour-long game of Monopoly:

Because we’ve always been too poor to buy a new game, our game pieces were quite varied (Energizer battery, quarter, penny, etc…). “We were ‘appy though we were poor”….(name that quote and get ten dollars!!

There was much laughter:

Some were left with very little: