Pic 1: Gorgettia (18) and Nicoleta (15) local Christians (or “Repenters” as their called)
Pic 2: Just a wooden work cart

3: Stale bread that the children put on the bike to eat later

4: Jonathan with my hospital girl “Pina” (look at Romanian update for story)

5: Jaela, a gypsy girl

6: Jaela and her street friends


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  1. Mrs. DeckerHi Nicole! We are praying for you! Stephan shared your letter from Kosovo with us. It brought me to tears. May the Lord give you wisdom and safety in this next adventure.God Bless youThe Decker family

  2. Hello Nicole! I enjoy reading your blog, and I will be praying for you and for the people you are working with. I miss you in choir… you were a blessing to me! I admire you for the work you are doing. I also send a hug!In Christ’s love,Jessica Bauer

  3. Sister of mine and now mother of many… You are continually in my prayers and I can not express how proud I am to call you my sister. You are truely a woman of God. Grace, Mercy and Peace -phil

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