This past week we travelled into Northern Namibia, on the border of Zambia and Angola, to a place named Katima Mulilo. There is an orphanage there that I had made contact with and am looking at working at. They have fifty-four orphaned children and only four missionary workers to care for the children, who range from a couple months old to fourteen. It was a good trip, though quick (a day and a half), I ate Ostrich and Oryx, and camped near the Zambezi River.


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  1. Dear Nicole: Beautiful pictures! And beautiful writing about the river and rocks. Its wonderful to think of you in Africa now, experiencing a little bit of our past trips to Africa. I hope you’re staying warm at night. Winters can be unexpectedly chilly, but wonderfully warm in the day. Are they speaking Afrikaans?Love, Aunt Bev

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