The Sky-Soother

The sunsets in this country are amazing. The colors mix and morph before your eyes as light to dark the sky becomes. Sometimes it is as though a fire has been lit in heaven, as the warming glow crosses the field, consuming all in its fingertips. Then the softer tones of pink and purple and peach clothe the field and (if your lucky) the room in the soft tones of baby colors.

But today I realized that it’s not the colors of the sky alone that hold my stare. Whenever I look and really see the beauty of the sky, it grasps me because it is the same sky. Everywhere in the world it is the same. And more importantly, it is the same sky that touches my homeland. The same sun that rises and sets here is seen by my mom when she walks in the morning and my dad when he drives home from work. Yes, it is beautiful, but its beauty is enhanced tenfold because it is shared by those I love in the places only the sky can reach.


One thought on “The Sky-Soother

  1. Merry Christmas from the Tuma’s Nicole,Your day/night sky just happens to be 11 hours or so ahead of ours so it looks like we have good coverage for the day shift anyways. We just went through one of the coldest Decembers on record in Idaho. On the other hand it looks like you are enjoying summer. The pictures of you and your little ones are a blessing and are very moving. God bless you and yours. 4str_phil

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