Lindi Loo

This is my beautiful Lindiwe, the face that lights up mine in the morning when I walk through and she just laughs with joy at the sight of her “mama”.


6 thoughts on “Lindi Loo

  1. Dear NicoleWhat beautiful children! Your love for them shows in your own beautiful smile! We are praying for you and all the children. We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! May the peace of the Lord Jesus be with you. Stephan will be with us for Christmas and we will give him a big hug for you!Love Always,The DeckersGary, Chris and Corey

  2. Hey Rosemary!! We’re at home visiting my parents and I came across your blog on my dad’s “favorites”. Glad I found it. I’ll be checking it in the coming days, just wanted to say hi. Hope you’re doing well, Rob

  3. Dear Nicole,I was just referred to your blog by Jan England, the mother of my good friend Rebecca Weber.Wow. The stories are unreal. The stories of the inhumanity and lack of love are amazing. As I was reading about these poor, abandoned children I was cringing and reading with one eye as I was covering my other eye and side of my face with my hand. This is really the reality of lack of trust in God. The sad thing is, the reality of what you relay is really no different than over here, in America. We just do a more professional job of insulating society from the horrors of abortion. When you think about it, the scene here is a much deadlier situation, because people do not need to be confronted with the reality of their choices. At root, the choice to have an abortion and the choice to abandon a baby in a garbage bag or a public toilet are actually the same. God bless you for being there!While people are well-meaning and want to stand behind you and encourage you with “Yay, Nicole!” and what-not, please be assured that I would prefer to stand beside you and not behind you. I am always disheartened by people, who encourage me but don’t companion me. During this past Christmas season, there was a bit of an issue with Christ being excluded from Christmas, here in the States. Well-meaning people sent out e-mails to raise awareness and whatever, and I proposed a more meaningful and tangible response of painting “Happy Birthday Jesus!” on the rear windows of cars. What I was basically getting at is: talk is cheap. Well, no one had the guts to companion me, and I was practically the lone heralder of Baby Jesus by virtue of car, here in Atlanta, Georgia (there were more than a handful of people with “Keep Christ in Christmas” stickers, which was good).While I might not be able to join you in person, please be assured of my prayers. You are truly bringing Christ to those who do not know Him. The plight of those less fortunate than myself has always been in the back of my mind, but it’s too easy to be insulated from it all, here in the States. I’d often wondered about being a missionary, but what I had conceived is not exactly what I am to be. I will actually be joining a Catholic order of priests this coming August. My order, the Companions of the Cross, is based out of Ottawa, Canada. As you may know, the recent laws of Canada are evidencing a people that is very oblivious to the evil of its choices.God bless you, Nicole!Paul De Kroon

  4. To the Deckers:Thank you for your support and prayers, and comments. Also for your love and support of my dear brothers, may you all be blessed for your service and generosity. To Rob:It feels like ages since we were in Kosovo together! I hope that your family is doing well. I had almost forgotten about “Rosemary” so I’m glad you reminded me! Cheers. To Paul de Kroon:Please send an hello to Rebecca! You’re right about America’s hidden sins, which the Lord will uncover in His time. We must always remember that we are all fighting in His fight, and He has already conquered the bonds of sin and death, winning for us the battle which we fight until the final judgement. The battlegrounds extend to the outer parts of the earth, but also include our homeland, so here and there we fight together in the strength of the Lord. Thank you for your prayers and note.

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