The Next Step

“The path of the just is as the shining sun, shining ever brighter until the coming day”

We serve a mighty God, and the God Who created our days before time, and what a comfort that has been these past few weeks. That season has come again which serves to refocus on our crucified Lord, encourageing Lenten knees and a penitent heart. In this time I have offered up prayers for direction and guidance, and I am assured that yours have mingled with mine before the Throne. In accordance with the counsel of my parents and some wise brothers and sisters, the Lord allowed me to see the wisdom in returning to school for a Nursing degree. With this in heart and mind, I began to prepare my fellow workers that my time here was coming to an end. This decision having been made, my departure date set for 04 May, I found my heart filled with sorrow. What a struggle to leave these little ones who have been given to me when their earthly parents rejected them. And now I was to leave them, preparing other workers to care for them. I was truly heavy-laden with grieved love.

It was during this time that I began considering spending a bit of time in England before returning home, to re-acclimate and have a good time of rest. I presented it to my parents, and after praying about it, we decided that I would throw out some lines and consider some options of working there for the summer months. What we didn’t see was that God was preparing us for His plan, which would involve me not returning to the States quite yet.

On the Sat/Sun I formally presented my plans to attend Nursing school in the Spring to my brothers and sisters around TLC. On Monday and Tuesday I found much time for prayer and contemplation, and had such a peace that if the Lord desired me to work in England for a while, He would prepare the way and teach me how to walk in it. On Wednesday I received emails from the president of my Mission Org. (Alan Mezger), and from a good friend, and fellow missionary, in Ireland. The former presented me with the option of a return mission trip to Kosovo, and new mission work in Bosnia and Croatia. The latter was a request that if I was in England, would I “please, please, please [go] visit” her, and have a prayer retreat with her in Northern Ireland for the purpose of encouragement and edification. Then I looked at a calendar, and the flow of the dates was amazing: Arrive England 05 May. Ireland 07 May. Leave for Kosovo/Bosnia/Croatia with fellow missionaries 18 May. After this I would still have a bit of time to spend in England before needing to return home. According to this plan I would probably arrive Stateside in early August.

This plan was so far beyond anything I was thinking that I was just amazed when it all came together on one day, I was filled with gratefulness and excitement, and after speaking to my parents, they shared in my excitement and saw that God had given clear direction and they would be behind me all the way. The timing was perfect. First, I think that God had used the idea of me staying in England for a while to soften my heart and the hearts of my parents for me being gone a while longer. Second, I was in need of confirmation that my time at TLC was finished according to the Lord’s plan, and this gave ample confirmation. And third, having the assurance that I was and would be doing that which the Lord had prepared for me relieved some of the burden of sorrow I had in leaving, filling me with trust that He would ready me for going, and provide TLC with someone to fill my place. God is truly good and gracious to His children.

On the financial side of things, all the trips up to England will cost around $2000 (including airfare), which has not yet been covered. Once I get to England, there are a few options, and I await the Lord’s direction there. The first option is to primarily work with some ministries there (both for children and adults) at a lower intensity than at present, and the other is to get a medial job to cover expenses while I am there and work with the ministries on the side. However my path has been laid, when I arrive in England I am praying for a restful time in meditation and prayer, receiving again the blessing of being in a Church, and re-acclimating to the first world.

It seems that so much has happened since my last update only a month ago! For those of you who didn’t hear, Ntombfuti had an healthy baby girl, and they are both well. Thank you for your prayers in that situation, what a relief I felt the night she delivered, and I had a deep sleep for the first time in two weeks. As for new prayer requests:

– Someone to fill my place at TLC

– Thanks and praise to our God for His clear direction and assurances in the past couple weeks.

– For my departure: preparation for me and the children.

Thank you for your prayers, and for sending me your prayer requests. Though We are many, We are one. In expectation of our risen Lord, Nicole de Martimprey


2 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. Where will you be in Kosova? I went there on a trip to Orlan with a group of people and worked along side the Chesnuts. Not sure if you know who they are but it’d be interesting to hear where you might be going.Cheers!

  2. Hey Nicole,It’s been a while since I looked at your blog. WOW! Almost to the point of tears, both happy and sad. I will try to get a letter off this week since I won’t have another chance to mail one to South Africa.;). Still praying for you…~Leah

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