Man in Sarajevo, BOSNIA


4 thoughts on “Man in Sarajevo, BOSNIA

  1. Hey Nicole. You’re almost in the big D. Finally, I get one up on you. The title of your post is Sarajevo, Croatia. Where is that, silly? Do you mean the Sarajevo that’s in Bosnia? 🙂

  2. Nicole, Nicole, I greet you – whoever you may be – from the city of Sarajevo in the country Bosnia and Herzegovina, on Balkan peninsula and on the continent that we still call Europe! And to see some real photo from Sarajevo you are free to visit Sarajevo Photoblog.

  3. Carlee, Chris, and Leslie:It was very good to see you, and to take my first steps in the US surrounded by friends.Seesaw:Thank you for your greetings. I look forward to looking at your photos when I get some time on the internet. Like I mentioned before, I could not pretend to understand what you and your neighbors have seen in your life times, but I thank you for sharing a bit of your city with me. Blessings.

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