The Path of Tomorrow

I hope that the silence broken by the rapid-fire posts will bring a smile to one of you…

Over three months ago I received a phone call while I was in South Africa, it was the Headmaster of the Academy I had graduated. He asked if I would consider coming back to teach for the school this next year, something I had never planned nor expected on doing – in fact, I laughed while I was on the phone. First of all, it was in the area I grew up in, the area that has three thousand inhabitants on a good day. Second, I thought that surely I would have better things to do than teach five-year-olds Latin and Greek. Thirdly, I was going to attend Nursing School. Obviously, it wasn’t going to be an option, but I agreed to consider and pray about it. I had no idea that my laugh would be a far-off echo of Sarah’s, the common voice being that both of us would see our surety crumble into foolishness.

In the blur of Africa and Europe and returning to the States, the Lord (and believe me, it could only have been His working…) began to incline my heart towards staying near my family, the Academy, and my Church. However, I applied to Nursing Schools and talked to counselor’s and tried to get everything together to get into a program. The same response came from each – Nursing Program closed for enrollment until Spring Semester. And then I looked at the pre-req’s. I am short a couple classes, one of which is a year-long course. To cut my story short, I will be doing the pre-req’s as well as all the Non-Core classes that go along side the Nursing program. This I will do at a local college (don’t worry, the next town has nearly 14,000 people – a thriving metropolis), be available to teach part-time at the Academy, and most importantly, influence and watch my three younger siblings grow (13, 10, & 8 yrs) – something I’ve missed for quite a few years now.

That’s the Path of Tomorrow as I can tell so far. I know that I can see so little of all the landmarks, faces, challenges, and joys that it will hold – but my Master has directed, and I can do none but follow.


2 thoughts on “The Path of Tomorrow

  1. How Beautiful it is to watch you journey and to see how and where he leads you! I’ll be praying for you as you start teaching and as you go back to school.I just got back from TLC! Missing it SO terribly. Will email you some time and send you some photos of our babies!Take care my friend,Lots of love,Hannah Clark xxx

  2. I miss you Rosemary. How are we ever going to see you again? I’m thrilled that God is making your path clear. May He continue to bless you in your new life this year.

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