Family Road-Trips

It’s been four years since I’ve had the pleasure of accompanying my young siblings and two parents for the ritual 12-hour drive to Southern California for Thanksgiving. And the only reason I have time to write this now is because I am sitting in my parent’s house at 7pm waiting to hear that age-old words “all aboard that’s goin’ ashore” from my dad. And waiting….And waiting. Of course this morning we were not going to take the tent trailor, but as of a few hours ago we are. Of course two hours ago I had to drive thirty minutes to pick up the car we’re driving because it was in the mechanics. And, of course everyone’s hustling and bustling with sharpish humors about them. BUT, some of my only memories of my family all together for more than ten hours are on road trips such as these. As we drive down the road (after we turn back twice to get what was forgotten) it is as though we enter a new world. What should have been done before simply melts away and lists are forgotten and we just ARE together. I like these times, even with the all-too-predictable inconveniences and unplanned adventures (like the time my dad got pulled over and was spread eagle on the ground because the cop had put in the wrong license plate number and the vehicle had come up stolen). So, Happy Thanksgiving – enjoy the difficult times with family because they make the good times so much sweeter.


6 thoughts on “Family Road-Trips

  1. Wow! So good to hear from all of you. Thank you Les, the trip is not over but I have an hour of alone time…ahhh. Seven people in a small tent trailor and hundreds of miles together makes for an interesting test of patience and kindness. I’m sure we all know….Robert, I will try to get an email over to you when I’m back in civilization.Moriah, how are you? I hope all is well with you and John and I believe I heard rumour of a child???

  2. Hey Nicole! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you’re having a great time. Keep meaning to email you but never seem to have much time so just thought i’d send a quick message to say hello. Going to be at TLC in 10 days time. Any babies you want pics of in particular apart from Toots? Loads of love to you, Karen xx

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