Any ideas why our culture, and ones that have gone before, have portrayed angels as babies, cherubs, or little children? Is that the best we can do when thinking about purity and innocence, or is there something more? Would we like to ignore the Scriptural picture of the terror-striking angels of Isaiah’s writing or the flaming sword of the cherubim that guarded in every direction? Just curious.


8 thoughts on “Angels

  1. I am baffled by the last comment. This person seems to have mistook your post for some sort of treatises on laundry and is evidently asking if angels ought to be washed with darks or lights. My opinion is that they should not be washed in your Whirlpool at all but rather dry cleaned.

  2. Those little tiny angels and cherabim are exactly why I hate walking into Christian book stores. I would rather be scared half to death than coddled with those stupid things you can put on your refrigerator or hand around your neck.Hi Nicole, how’s that for a first comment? You touched a button and I’m with you.Dianne

  3. Hi Nicole, I just wikied cherub and I found that the word does not actually refer to the chubby babies in Renaissance art, that is a common mistake. Those babies are called putti (pl) and they originate from carvings on the sarcophagi of Greek Children during the 2nd Century, hence their revival in the Renaissance. I would imagine that they became so common simply because Renaissance artists like sentimental depictions of Biblical scenes. I think especially of Raphael’s paintings of the Virgin and Jesus–nothing is more sentemental than adding cute, chubby babies to everything you paint!

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