…as sheep and cows

Would that I stopped to stare.

The wind plays its symphony upon those “lifeless” things: trees, leaves, grasses. The sheep and cows hear it – it is the white noise of their days. They seem quite content with it. Do they applause, or leave that to the swaying trees?

Wake. Pray. Read. Shower (well, sometimes). Granola and Yogurt. Birkenstocks on. Sound of the pavement during my “commute”. Work.

The sound of rushing streams. Night and day hold no difference for them, the stars are always there. They pass rocks and other currents, they flow on in commute to a new destination. What makes water have that sound, and why do we say they’re rushing?

People everywhere – the same people as yesterday. Chaos. Corporate Prayer. Some children dance. Some children doze. Whiteboards. Phonics. Work.

Boughs, woods, squirrels, streams – these are not the only things at which to stop and stare.

Darkness turns to light during the time I pray. It reflects across the Lake. My prayers are consummated when I kneel beside naughty little boys. Laughing eyes of learning children. Penitent eyes of punished ones. The frustrations that prove humanity. Trying, and being tried, by that band of friends called “co-workers”.

Would that I stopped to stare, to see Beauty in my neighbors. To embrace that smile that waits in my student’s eyes. Would that I stopped to stare, but not as sheep or cows – that is for special days.


8 thoughts on “…as sheep and cows

  1. Nicole!!! I don’t know how I’ve lost your number but I have so you should call me, ok? Thanks dearie. Also–nice thought. I like the bit about the sounds of trees being white noise that cattle hear every day. white noise… never heard it put so poestically. love ya <>< kt

  2. hmmm… that was “poetically” clearly and I’m under anonymous becuase it was the quickest way for me to log this freakin comment. so to be more specific… love you <>< KATIE STEIGER

  3. Nicole, you have wonderfully beautiful thoughts. Thank you for sharing them here. I think you are a very good stopper and starer. And much cuter than sheep or cows.

  4. ok, honey? the bit about me loosing your number? yeah, so you can’t call and then NOT LEAVE ME YOUR NUMBER!!! dork. love you

  5. Nicole, I just found a neat feature called “word verification” used to prevent unwanted automated adds if they are in fact unwanted. Liked your “sheep and cows” piece. I could see how some of the images might work driving over Moonlight Pass to Jacks Flat. Putting sheep in the picture though might start a range war.

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