From the lips of children

My 2nd-5th grade students had a discussion regarding the Fall of man today. They brought up some things I have never thought about before, and am very humored by:
If Adam hadn’t sinned:
1) Would we still get papercuts?
2)Would we die if we got shot by a gun (the gun was of course created, not to hurt people, but to shoot fruit off of high trees)
3) We would be so crammed with people there wouldn’t be any room to move.
4) We would have serious traffic jams!
5) If you tripped, would it hurt?
6) Would you be able to swim underwater (because if you couldn’t die you couldn’t drown….)
7) If you were eaten by a shark, would you live inside it forever.
8) If you stepped on a beetle, would it die?


4 thoughts on “From the lips of children

  1. Nicole, I can just see you answering all of these questions. You probably look just like you did in the back of that car in Kosovo, answering all of Ryan’s questions. Completely calm, slightly amused and starting each sentence with “Okay, but…(insert some brilliant and off-beat question here for the questioner to consider)…”

  2. My brother Tim thinks that if Adam hadn’t sinned, someone else would have and all this would be sorted out…Is that orthodox??? It doesn’t sound like it, but I’ve never thought about it…

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