The Sky Above

Once my mom asked me if I would ever stop taking pictures of the sky. I told her that I would stop when I saw the same one twice. God uses a palette that we cannot even imaging; I suppose He creates a new color each day, one we may not even perceive. Just because it pleases Him. And the colors and clouds never cease to casually change at His command. I like to think that our awe at such a sight is echoed in the sky, as each ray realizes it is part of something gloriously wonderful and continues to obey the whim of the Artist above.

Budapest sunset on my birthday by Leslie Mezger


11 thoughts on “The Sky Above

  1. I love the sky too. And I love these pictures. I even recognize one of them! I’m looking at it on my wall right now. Those were some good skies over there.

  2. Hey, I love that my picture from Budapest is on here! It was an amazing sky there. I loved being in Budapest with you. Remember how we all used my camera all the time? Who really knows who took what picture anyway? Except that I specifically remember taking that one because you all crossed the busy street ahead of me and I stopped to get the picture and almost got killed by traffic trying to catch up to you. Good times…

  3. Very pretty! You should come to Indian Valley some time when the storm clouds roll in and you can stand on a hill right past my house and the grass glows silver against purple mountains. And the clouds seem never ending and as large as heaven.

  4. Nicole – Funny reading this <>TODAY (God’s timing is so good!)<> Just yesterday I told this story about my son Sean, age 4 1/2, born in San Diego, California, where it’s SPRING all year long. Driving 44 West from Palo Cedro into Redding one gorgeous FALL morning; <>I hear his little voice practically scream,<><> “WOW, LOOK AT THE COLORS JESUS USED ON THE TREES! THAT’S BEAUTIFUL!”<> I practically cried… for two reasons, first, the <>truth in what he KNEW,<> and second, of the “guilt” of him not seeing and <>experiencing the AWE OF GOD’S AWESOME CREATION — SOONER!<> <>Either way, it was an incredible moment for us with our creator<> – <>JUST AS THESE PICTURES SHOW YOUR AWESOME MOMENTS WITH OUR CREATOR! <>Keep it up my beautiful friend!<><>

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