The Shades of Life

While there are moments of fiery brilliance as seen in the skies posted earlier, so often we must learn to handle the gray shades of life. Beautiful, comfortable, regular they loom above us.

Apparently this is the way the Church is too. For all of the beautiful purples and reds and glorious whites of liturgical colors – green – yes, green – is the color we have for twenty-four weeks straight. Green. The color that the trees are on all regular days. Green. The color of the grass ten months out of the year.

My life has seemed gray of late. Or green. During a season when the green is supposed to be preparing for those few months of brilliant leaves and fall colors, my sky has been gray. It’s a good gray, with subtle shades, but it is not full of passionate oranges and reds. I think I am being a glimpse into so many people’s lives: get up, feed the kids, go to work, get home, make dinner, go to bed; next day: get up, feed the kids, go to work, get home, make dinner, go to bed. Maybe a couple days out of the month have a chisel-tipped pink highliter scratch over them – but most are the same.

I don’t want that life. So, how do I make my gray more brilliant? Is it simply by seeing the myriad of colors that go into gray? Or that rainbows are most clearly seen peeking through the gray skies? I think I am going to try to be alright with gray. Try to makethe grays beautiful in a grayish way. I’ll tell you if I start seeing rainbows.


One thought on “The Shades of Life

  1. Interesting thoughts. Maybe one of the keys is understanding that the life you describe is not gray, after all… the day involves rising in God’s presence, feeding <>these<> children, who are God’s primary image-bearers in <>this<> life. And so on.Of course, we all want to do something more “exciting” than deal with that sort of “mundane” colour….

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