Winter-fairied mountains


4 thoughts on “Winter-fairied mountains

  1. Hi Nicole, I’ve been checking your blog fairly regularly and I’ve really enjoyed your photos. This one today is particularly amazing. Wow. Nice job! A question… with copyrights and all, is it alright to put your pix on my computer desktop? No printing or anything… whatever your preference, I don’t mind. Sincerely, John Kubasak (we’ve met a few times and went rock climbing last summer during Fr. Avram’s-last-weekend-in-the-country-bash and for his ordinations you stayed at my parents’ house) (just in case you didn’t recognize the name 🙂

  2. John, no explanation of who you are is needed! Of course I recognize your name. Since you’re a friend, if you want to use it as your desktop that’s fine. If it comes up as a locked photo when you try, let me know and I’ll just attach it to your email. Hope this finds you well, drop a note with an update sometime.

  3. Hi Nicole,It’s been ages since I saw you last…you may not remember me, we met at NSA, I was married and pregnant, you helped to give me a baby shower! Anyway, I really enjoyed the much too short friendship we enjoyed and have often wondered what became of you! I love your photos, they’re beautiful! I found a link to your blog on Beth Taylor’s blog…so fun to get in touch with people this way!Blessings and cheers,Rayia Soderberg

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