A Week of Work in Daylight

As some of you know, the owl season has ended. Strangely, I very much miss the night. I miss its sky and stars. I miss always knowing what the moon was up to. I miss calling wild birds and having them fly to me. I miss having my sense of control constantly challenged by the darkness. I miss the animals (yes, even the big teethy ones). I miss being alone in the forest.

Now I work in the day. It is hot. It is bright. The forest is rarely mysterious now that I can see it. The fear factor is no longer there to deaden the pain of white thornbrush ripping your leg open or manzaneda whipping your face. Which hurt. This week I traded mountain lions for bees – and I can tell you the bees did much more damage than the cats ever did (well….at least physically, perhaps not emotionally!). I also received a minor head wound while working with a hemophobe (the real problem here was that I didn’t realize it was going to bleed so much until we got into the truck and HE was driving, trying to avert his eyes from any sight of the dark red life-liquid coloring my hair and face. Thank goodness it’s the end of the week. A headache, a big itchy sting in the place of my back where it’s hard to reach, allergies, two pairs of ripped pants, and a sunglass tan bring me to the end of a week of work in the daylight.

Did I mention how hot the sun is?


5 thoughts on “A Week of Work in Daylight

  1. The yellow jackets are hot but it is not right now in the Inland Northwest. One bit me while picking tomatoes this am and I blundered into a nest while measuring trees last week. They got under my vest right at the belt line, little rascals! You are doing good to stick this out. Just think of the fresh air, aerobics, and physical conditioning you are getting. We use to say, “people in the city would pay the FS to do what you are doing. Other times we would ask ourselves “are we having fun yet”. Once one learns to keep one eye on the ground and one eye up life will be good. I am impressed with your fortitude and versatility but not surprised after you having persevered in South Africa. A hedge of protection for you.

  2. So I’m confused about what exactly your new line of work is. Though I’m sure its something rather exciting and weird. 😀 How’s life back in sunny California? What are you up to these days? I’m doing well here, I like Hillsdale. I’m sitting in my room waiting for my RC friends to get back from rosary so we can drink tea and talk about boys. Oh, the intrigues of college life. 😀 Do you have skype???? My id is serena.howe.

  3. In no particular order of importance:Serena – you crack me up. I’m glad college is going well. I would have skype if I had a working computer – which I don’t. Trying to remedy that. Really good to hear from you. My new line of work is owl foraging areas (Forest Inventory Analysis) – which means a TON of details, numbers, math, and hiking. Avram – not really. Thanks for trying.Phil – they do get caught in the vest – and though both of you want free neither goes unscarred!Elena – yep. Not very far in it, but started “At Home in Milford.” Not sure I’m hooked yet, but we’ll see….

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