The Cross of Christ

All the world is engulfed in darkness, there is only One True Light which can pierce it’s sordid color. I looked at this door, the shadow of light being cast across the floor, and desire only to be hid in that cross which can transform night into day. It is here where our strength lies, and in no other place. If we step outside the cross we cannot stand. Even if we tiptoe. My prayer as I see the dark night of sin all around me is that I might see it through this glass, through the power of the cross. That I may be hid in Christ and He in me. And it is in this place of security that the sights and scenes of India become a part of me because they are already a part of Him. The battle is His, and He is the Victor. What a glorious truth!


One thought on “The Cross of Christ

  1. Hope runs through my soul as I think of Christ using your hands and feet and heart as His own to reach those lost in the darkness. May the light of His love penetrate the pain and suffering and may His salvation redeem the rejected. I love you. Mom

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