3 thoughts on “Religion of PEACE Demonstration

  1. You know, I have been researching this a little bit because I was wondering if the pictures were maybe a hoax. What I have found is that this was a real demonstration and the signs they are carrying are real. It was a protest outside the Danish embassy last February over that whole cartoon controversy. It was not called a Religion of Peace Demonstration. Still, it’s quite disturbing.

  2. Nicole, this is utterly disturbing. I’m scared to comment on these pictures because this is the “world-wide web” and I’m especially upset that I am scared to comment. I just ordered a koran with commentary from a respected muslim scholar. I have browsed the koran before but never before noticed the frequency of 3rd person language when God is speaking. Interesting, when many non-practicing muslims usually argue against Jesus by saying, “there is only one God.”

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