The Church: Word, Water, Feast

A trochaic poem.

The beauty captures blinded eyes with sight,
As squinting ears lean in and heed those words
That lie unfolded upon wood so white,
And yet so scarlet-dyed for words unheard.

So great the strength within the clear water,
That prove the spear was true indeed, and now
They come to us from throne and font to give
Salvation strong – forever must endure.

As mouth and heart together take the grain,
A banquet lies aright with grape and yeast.
Within the lintels peace and joy are lain,
And voice cries out, “Made ready now the feast.”

The people fast in solidarity
Make way in fear with glad and unity.


5 thoughts on “The Church: Word, Water, Feast

  1. Hey there stranger, its’ been a long time, but I got this web page from Claire, so I thought I would check it out. I jsut wanted to write you a little note to say hi. I hope your well and that life is going beautifuly for you. It is for me, there are always a couple bumps throughtout, but it’s still going good. I will try to write you an email soon to update you on all what’s new with me. Talk to you soon. Colleen

  2. Hey my friend! 🙂Thanks for your note on our blog. We are so sad we won’t see you – maybe next time eh?Thanks for the offer of a beach trip though! Rachel is away at the mo but i will ask her. i think it may be a little pushed as we are only in LA for a few hours, but I’ll let you know asap.Love you lots,Karen x

  3. Colleen, It is so wonderful to hear from you. I don’t know if I have your email, so please do drop me one. I am in class with a lady that reminds me of you, and it is such a trip. Hope all is well. Please write. Much love, Nicole

  4. Hi again Nicole!Thanks so much for the offer of a trip to the beach, we think it would all be a bit rushed to meet your bro so have decided to find somewhere to lie down in LA airport instead! Thanks so much though. Hope your ok,lots of love, Karen and Rachel

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