Scared of the Dark

Why is the dark so frightening? Why is the first thing I do in my house flipping a switch and creating light? I know how to walk through the living room, down the hall, into my bedroom without going through all the trouble of turning on lights at every step. And, when the light goes on in my head everything is safe again, but in reality, nothing has changed. Why is this and is it the same in the spiritual sense? The Light scatters the darkness creating safety and comfort, no more bumping into walls and looking like a crazed person with arms fully extended in front of you – your eyes are opened to behold things invisible and unseen. Riddle me this.


6 thoughts on “Scared of the Dark

  1. It is odd, isn’t it. The dark is horribly frightening. Especially in a house. For some strange reason, I am not at all afraid of the dark when camping. It’s only at home. I guess I have this odd sense that evil is like cockroaches and lurks in man-made places.

  2. I have been scared of the dark several times in the woods, but it’s a different sort of fear. Spine tingling as opposed to real terror when the house starts creaking and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the darkened mirror and mouse squeak around the house and your home alone.

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