When I was lately at Pepperdine University, I had the blessing to hear Frederica Mathewes-Green. She is an Orthodox writer and speaker who is humble and kind, a refreshing voice in this world of chaos. For fear of misquoting, she said something similar to the following with regards to singing:

When we sing, we are given again the Breath of Life from the mouth of God, and we receive Him into all of us, and at the same time are given the opportunity to return that Life to Him in a way more harmonious and beautiful, taking an active part in the harmony of the Trinity.

Enough said. I have thought of it every time I’ve sung since then.


3 thoughts on “Singing

  1. That’s really beautiful – that by singing we are filled by God’s breath and through it take “an active part in the harmony of the Trinity.” This reminds me of Father… um…. (I want to say Zossima, but that is ridiculous, he’s the monk from Brothers K). . . you know, the priest who visited us – anyway, it reminds me of his discussion of deifications, of being made One with God. That we are filled by God, rather like, I suppose, the petrification of a log or something. Only that’s a perfectly frightful example to say say that sanctification is like becoming a fossil. hahahahaha…. (as a side note: I almost wrote ‘putrification.’ teehee)

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