His Mountain

Once I sat a-pondering upon a hill not mine own.
I borrowed someone else’s mound
To see what they might see.
Or think.
Or feel.

But I did not feel,
Nor think,
Nor see
Anyone’s sights, thoughts, or feelings
Other than my very own.

“Methinks”, I hushed to myself,
“That there is only One Who has seen all
Thought all
Felt all”,
Not only for himself; but for all mankind.

And this is His mound upon which I sit,
Aspiring only to embrace all the world
As He has, is, and ever will.

Picture from Rashan, Kosova, 2006


4 thoughts on “His Mountain

  1. Thanks, Les. I didn’t communicate what I wanted to, and so was a bit disappointed with the post. But alas, one cannot force the muse to come.

  2. These were actually burial mounds of sorts. Not too long ago bombing and gunfire filled these mounds in the Kosovo War.[Please show that you are penitent for your unwitting pun ; ]

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