All Together

For the first time in years, my whole immediate family was together for Christmas. And seeing that Phillip is getting married January 5th, this may be the last of “just us”.

We revisited our childhood with a multiple-hour-long game of Monopoly:

Because we’ve always been too poor to buy a new game, our game pieces were quite varied (Energizer battery, quarter, penny, etc…). “We were ‘appy though we were poor”….(name that quote and get ten dollars!!

There was much laughter:

Some were left with very little:


2 thoughts on “All Together

  1. Here’s gunning for that monopoly tenner…Monty Python’s < HREF="" REL="nofollow"><>Four Yorkshiremen<><> sketch.I feel for Suzanne, that’s usually how I end up when playing monopoly.

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