Phil’s Married!!

And it was gorgeous. The Groom, the Bride, the whole thing was absolutely lovely. Only a few pics for now (as I was in the ceremony, I couldn’t get any of the actual proceedings):

A very pleased mother and son:

Dad & I dancing (I probably stepped on his toes at this very moment):

Though looking rather despondent, Timmy actually woke up sick as a dog and suffered through looking dashing all day:

This is my only-slightly-older sister:

Stephan & I:

Bella Mama:


4 thoughts on “Phil’s Married!!

  1. The first to go…who next takes the fall into… what? As I said before,love the dresses. Wonderful and amazing times. I’m glad i’ve got awhile before my siblings get married…I wont be ready for it for ahwhile…

  2. It comes sooner than you would expect, my dear! It feels like yesterday we were building snowforts, and yet there my brother stood waiting for his bride…my new sister.Life is surreal. I can only hope and pray to live every moment. I’m glad you’re part of those moments, Bekah. I miss teaching your class, but love having you as a teacher’s aide. And so do the kids.

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